Centralise your sales apps in order to easily control and manage your data


Takeaway.comUber EatsDeliveroo


1 printer for all orders

1 HUB to control and manage all data

1 printer


Restaurants and merchants benefit from the 1-printer-fits-all approach, saves them half an hour of work per day and many mistakes are prevented.



The dashboard is the access to your Connect24-7 HUB.
Access your own dashboard 24-7 via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

With 1 click all adaptations to the products, options, extras, prices, discounts, allergens, pictures, opening hours, etc. are updated …
to the Connect24-7 HUB.

Take control now!

Discover below what the HUB can do for you

dashboard - printer



3rd party platforms

Receive and print all orders from the relevant order platforms like Takeaway JustEat, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, etc. in 1 or more printers or displays – integrated in your POS system

Takeaway.comUber EatsDeliveroo

Webshop & Order apps

Your own webshop and/or mobile app orders and possible table orders via Table order app printed at your own dedicated printer and/or display network


Table reservations

Receive the table reservations from your own website, from relevant reservation platforms and/or Google in your own dashboard and optionally POS system

table reservation

Payments portal


Payments integrations

Offer all relevant payments to your customers – in webshop, POS and at mobile order handhelds. Manage all payments in all sales channels via clear reports and visualisation


Financial overview

Export all relevant sales, payment and customer data to your accounting software – manage and report your customer data



Manage customers

Manage all customer data in your dashboard, like name, address, telephone, e-mail, contact name, delivery addresses, delivery specific details, company and/or invoicing information, etc. – Export customer data at any time to import in your newsletter program like Mailchimp, etc.

Analyse data

Benefit from the Connect24-7 HUB to gather all relevant customer & sales data in order to further personalise your suggestions, promotions and services to them – check sales in certain regions/postcodes, and follow up on dedicated messages

data graphics

Target your customers

Send personalised e-mail newsletters to target groups of customers, for example new cheese product to only customers who consumed cheese products or sms message to your most loyal customers or specifically in one postcode



Accounting software

Export your sales data to your accounting software. More profit and time for you as there will be less mistakes and less administrative handling


Automatic payments

You can automate payments of your customers, both cash and/or online & mobile payments. The Connect24-7 Hub provides the perfect payment portal to manage all your payments. Only those payments that you require to be automated.

About us

The Connect24-7 platform has been developed proprietarily by our marketing and development experts since 2009.

In 2010 Point-of-Sale software was specifically developed to receive orders from the own merchant’s webshop and in the years after from order platforms like Takeaway Justeat, UberEats, Deliveroo, etc.

Via CONNECT24-7 HUB, takeaway & delivery restaurants use only 1 printer receiving orders from all relevant order platforms and their own webshop.

Do you have a restaurant, store or retail chain or are you active in the hospitality and food & beverages markets and are you looking for an easy-to-use software solutions? We highly recommend the POSGARD solution guaranteeing more independent sales with less costs and more fun at work!

Experts since 2009